4 Health Benefits of Cooking at Home

4 Health Benefits of Cooking at Home

Cassandra & Adam founded Broth Baby with many nutritional goals in mind. Tops on their list was creating a product that would help people reconnect with their kitchens and cook more meals at home. In fact, Cassandra’s main takeaway from nutrition school was that cooking at home is the single greatest gateway to health. It puts the control of your own nutrition back in your hands - who doesn’t want that?

Of course, it never hurts to remind ourselves why that is. With that in mind, here are our four main benefits of cooking at home:


Home cooks consume less chemical preservatives and additives because they end up eating less processed foods. When we rely on other people to cook our meals, we give up our ability to decide what goes into it.

Most convenience foods, even so called “health foods”, are packed with additives and preservatives to allow them a longer shelf life. These chemicals can be harmful to the gut, interfere with our hormones, trigger asthma and even promote obesity. Cooking your own food with real ingredients reduces your exposure to these nasty chemicals.


When you cook your own food, you are in charge of deciding the quality of your ingredients. Don’t count on your cheap lunch spot to be using quality oil in their fryer or to go easy on the refined sugar in your salad dressing.

Selling low cost foods usually means using low cost ingredients and cutting corners for profit. Invest in your health by choosing the quality of the food you eat, which means being the one to buy those ingredients in the first place!


Imagine working hard to execute a complicated recipe, only to have it gobbled down in front of the TV in 10 minutes. More often than not, when we take time and put care into our food, we tend to slow down and enjoy it too. When we take time to notice the flavor, eat slower, and talk about the nuances of the meal, we create more mindfulness when we eat.

Why is that important? It gives our digestion time to fully engage, and allows us to stop eating when we’re full. For a more mindful meal, try putting your fork down in between each bite!


Nothing brings people together like good food! Cooking at home can help you spend more quality time with friends and family. You don’t have to do all the work; inviting people into your kitchen to share recipes and techniques can be a great way to learn while getting some help with all the prep. Plus, when we eat together, we tend to be more mindful (see number 3).

So, broth people, let’s take back control of our nutrition and get back in the kitchen. If you need recipe inspiration, just scroll through our blog or check out this list of 15 Delicious Ideas for How to Use Bone Broth!


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