Broth Baby + Pasturebird

Broth Baby + Pasturebird

Dear Broth Lovers,

If you didn't hear yet, we're excited to announce that Broth Baby now sources chicken bones and chicken feet from Pasturebird! That means the chickens used to make our famous chicken bone broth live outside on pasture 24/7/365

What is Pasturebird?

Pasturebird started in 2012 almost by accident, as Paul Grieve and his family ordered 50 chickens to raise in their backyard after feeling frustrated by the deceiving organic and free range labels that dominate the chicken industry. They've been taking that same industry by storm ever since. 

Why? For starters, Pasturebird raises its chickens on 100% pasture, but what truly makes them stand out from the pack is that they use radically awesome, custom mobile coops to move their birds to fresh pasture every single day. This goes WAY above and beyond normal pasture-raised programs, which usually rotate their chickens to fresh grass every few 8-12 weeks.

Pasturebird coops are mobile and are moved to fresh pasture every single day.

Fresh pasture every day means the birds get better nutrition and the land is regeneratively grazed, rather than worn down to a dirt patch.

In addition to fresh air, sunshine, and room to roam, Pasturebird's program is regenerative for the land, improving the soil ecology with each rotation. The chickens don't wear out the ground they're foraging on, and the soil repays them in turn with plentiful grasses, flowers, bugs, and the occasional mouse to eat. Pasturebird's chickens never need vaccines or antibiotics - they rarely get sick, and when they do, their bodies are healthy and well-equipped to handle it. 

Pasturebird will tell you this is truly chicken as nature intended. We couldn't agree more!

How does pasture-raised stack up against organic?

Pasture-raised is distinct and superior in every way from "organic free range" chicken. 99% of organic, free-range chicken on the market is actually raised indoors, in a crowded house, eating organic feed imported from China, with a tiny little door at the end of that house so they can say their birds have "outdoor access" (psst..these are the bones that most of our broth competitors use while still selling you on the idea of chickens on pasture).

Right: a standard "free range" chicken house. Does it look like these birds get sunshine and room to forage?

This is especially important when it comes to bone broth, as cooking bone broth concentrates the nutrition (or lack thereof) of the bones used. Bone broth is only as healthy as the animals it's made from. If it doesn't say pasture-raised, it probably isn't, and it's extremely unlikely that chicken ever saw the outdoors, much less had a natural diet and room to forage and exhibit healthy chicken behaviors. 

What about your other partners?

Broth Baby has always sourced pasture-raised animals, and we continue to work with long-time partners like Marin Sun Farms to source pasture-raised chicken and beef bones. As we grow, adding new partnerships like Pasturebird are exciting ways for us to share our growth with additional, like-minded farms who are working hard to promote regenerative agriculture. Win-win!

Ready to Try?

There's a reason Broth Baby tastes the best and is the most nutrient dense bone broth on the market, and you don't have to take our word for it. We stand by our broth 100% - if it doesn't blow your top off, let us know and we will always make it right. Visit our online shop to order some for home delivery, or check out Where to Buy Broth Baby in stores in the Bay Area!


Broth Baby

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