Broth Baby's Founding Principles

   We wanted to take some time and tell you a bit about what makes Broth Baby so special. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure we are offering the best product we can make, and crafting it in the most healthful way possible. Read on to find out a bit more about the philosophy and values behind the broth you love!


Ancestral Healing: Bone broth is nothing new!

Crafting a nutritious bone broth connects us with a rich history and global tradition that has widely vanished in Western Culture. We are living in the age of speed and convenience. Who has 24 hrs to babysit a pot of simmering broth anymore? Although there are many benefits to the advances we’ve made in society, we must acknowledge that there are also costs associated with sacrificing time tested methods for wellness.

The method of simmering bones down to make a nourishing soup was a common practice in days of old, as well as other healthful practices like soaking our grains, fermenting our surplus vegetables, and aging and drying meats. These slow and low processes yield more nutrient dense end products, similar to the way a long simmered bone broth becomes more nutritious over time.

Another ancestral art that we are losing touch with is the basic act of cooking our own meals. Our founder, Cassandra, after being trained at Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition Consulting, was discouraged by the lack of cooking that she saw from her clients. With her clients eating more than half of their meals out of the house, she knew she wanted to create a product that would facilitate more home cooking. Her philosophy after years of studying nutrition, is that her clients' health outcomes were directly related to how many meals they prepared for themselves. This, above all other reasons, is why Broth Baby is made fresh weekly, and never sold frozen, so that customers are encouraged to use it up, rather than store it in the freezer and use it months down the line. More cooking equals healthier customers.


Sustainable Farming: You are what you eat, eats!

One of our favorite parts of running a small business is the ability to exercise buying power in the local food economy. We believe strongly in the concept of “voting with your dollar”, and as a business we are able to make larger scale purchases with farmers and ranchers that share our values. In sourcing our bones from Marin Sun Farms, we are able to directly support local, pasture-centered farming in the bay area.

Supporting pasture raised farming methods has many benefits. Environmentally speaking, pasture-raising is a more sustainable, less environmentally toxic way of farming animals. This comes in contrast to CAFO’s (concentrated animal farming operations), the majority of animal farming done today. CAFO’s are over-crowded, causing unsanitary conditions which lead to higher rates of sickness and disease among the livestock, which then require treatment with antibiotics. The animals are fed solely grain (usually GMO) and the overwhelming amount of animal waste leeches into the soil, air and waterways of local communities. This method, while optimizing for mechanization and profit, completely disregards the humane treatment of animals, the environment, and often the workers involved in the process.

The benefits of pasture raised animals echo a common sentiment held here at Broth Baby. You are what you eat, eats! As in, your animal products are only as healthy as the animal that provided them for you. Pastured animals are healthier, and in turn healthier for you and the environment!


Local Products: Bay area or bust.

Sourcing local products is also very important to us. The cattle that Marin Sun sources from, are also fed on local grain. Full transparency here, the grain that supplements the diets of the chicken and cattle are not certified organic, and can be GMO. As a company that rejects the notion of GMO’s, when sourcing bones for our broth, we had a hard decision to make. Do we support larger scale organic farms that ship in organic grain from China, or do we go with a local farm that supports a local grain mill that services farmers within 30 miles of the  mill?

At the risk of alienating the staunch anti-GMO crowd, we opted to go with the farmers that were cultivating stronger local food economies, and milling fresh grain that didn’t have to travel the across the Pacific Ocean to get here. Further more, we are buying the bones and if any part of the animal could contain less of the effects of GMO’s, it would be the bones.


Whole Animal: no bone left behind!

Speaking of bones, whole animal butchery is definitely making a come back among more food conscious cities across the country, and for good reason! The health benefits of eating animals lies in the consumption of all parts of the animal. Our modern habit of exclusively eating boneless, skinless muscle meat is short sighted. In fact, the highest amount of nutrients can be found in the organs, while helpful, reparative compounds are found in the bones and joints.

Using bones to make bone broth is therefore yet another way to support not only the health of those we are serving, but also the bottom line of our farmers who can increasingly make higher profits from their bones, an item previously treated as a waste product. 


Conscious packaging: Avoiding plastic toxicity.

As with every decision made at Broth Baby, our packaging was chosen purposefully and with sustainability in mind. We package all of our bone broth in glass, never plastic, to avoid any leaching of plastic compounds into our broth. Plastics are beginning to show up in our tissues and even women’s breast milk! The more we cut out foods served and packaged in plastic, the lower exposure risk we have to encountering these toxic compounds. 

Glass was the obvious choice, as it’s stable at high heat, reusable, and recyclable. We were also able to source from a local import company in San Leandro. We love serving a customer base that values sustainability in the same ways. We sanitize and reuse roughly 50 jars a week that we receive as returns from our weekly customers.


Health Applications: Why drink bone broth?

So to get to the point, we care a lot about the broth that we create, and at every step of the way we are considering the health of our customers and overall sustainability of our product. But we don’t just make broth to capitalize on a butchery waste product. We make broth because we truly believe that bone broth is an important corner stone to a healthy, whole foods based diet.

Read further at our blog about the 6 main benefits of bone broth.


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