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Asking people if they cook rice usually yields one of two answers; “Yes, couldn’t live without it”, or  “No way, I can never get it right!”. It can be a tough thing to master but we’re here to offer some help. Rice cooked with bone broth is a great way to slip broth into your diet during the warmer months, when the last thing you’d want is a hearty stew.

First thing’s first- rinse that rice. Besides getting any bits of dirt off of the rice, rinsing helps wash away some of the starches that will prevent mushy rice. I use a large bowl, covering rice with cool water, using my hand to swirl and push the rice between my palm and fingers. Repeat this process, draining and refilling the water (usually 4 or 5 times) until the water runs clear. I like to use short grain white rice because I love the texture and it's easiest for me to digest. Brown rice would be a healthier option because it still contains the bran, which contains minerals and good fiber. Note: brown rice takes longer to cook, generally 35-45 minutes. 

To soak or not to soak: Soaking grains in acidified water helps increase the digestibility and will unlock valuable nutrients (by deactivating phytic acid- science and nutrition nerds read more here). I usually soak my rice with whatever time I have; best is overnight, but even 20 minutes is better than nothing. One thing to note- rice (and most grains for that matter) have a cooking ratio of 2:1 liquid to grain. When soaking, especially overnight, reduce cooking liquid by as much as half. I usually soak rice for a few hours and reduce cooking liquid by 1/2cup. 

Next- choose your pot and lid wisely. I like to use a heavy-bottomed stainless steel pot with a tight fitting lid, which helps keep all the steam inside. I am not a fan of the "boil until tender", lid-less rice cooking method! 

Lastly, I like to add a bit of fat to the equation to add flavor and texture. If you have the fat-cap from the top of the broth jar, use that! If not, any animal fat, butter, or oil will do. Sesame oil adds a nice nutty flavor to pair with Asian dishes. 

Use rice in a stir fry, in a cold grain salad, as a side dish to grilled meat or veggies, or as a base for baby food puree! The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!


1 cup short grain white rice (rinsed 5 times with fresh water)

Splash of vinegar (I like to use raw brown rice vinegar, but apple cider or even a squeeze of lemon will do)

1 cup Broth Baby bone broth 

3/4 cup fresh water

1 tbs schmaltz (rendered chicken fat from top of broth jar) or other fat of choice

Sea salt to taste


1. Rinse rice in large bowl with cold water until water runs clear, usually 4-5 times.

2. Soak rice in acidified water for an hour, or up to overnight. Use just a splash of acid, I like to use brown rice vinegar. 

3. Drain rice and add to pot. Add appropriate amount of cooking liquid to pot, depending on how long the rice was soaking. For a 1 hour soak I use about 1+3/4 cup liquid: 1 cup broth and 3/4 cup water. Note: using broth for the total amount of cooking liquid could lead to mushy rice. I like to use a little more broth than water. 

4. Add 1tbs schmaltz (or fat of choice) to pot and bring to a boil.

5. Once boiling, reduce heat to low and put lid on. Set timer for 20 minutes.

6. After 20 minutes, open the lid and fluff with a fork. Turn heat off, replace lid and let set for another 5-10 minutes before serving. 

7. Rice remedies:

  • Too much liquid: increase heat a little and leave lid askew to evaporate out extra liquid. 
  • No more liquid, but not cooked yet: Add in a splash more liquid and cover to simmer for another 5 minutes. 
  • Done but mushy: use for a porridge, or mix with ground meat and veggies and fry up as fritters! 

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