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Partner Spotlight: Flourish Foods Interview

Partner Spotlight: Flourish Foods Interview

We thought we'd kick the year off by trying something new. To bring a little more awareness to our business collaborations, we sat down with bay area baby food company, Flourish Foods, to talk about business ownership, baby food and self-care.

Flourish has been using our bone broth in their production for over a year now. You can find our broth tucked into their protein purees and hearty Momma Stew. They're all about high quality, nutrient dense, freshly made food for the whole family, from baby to toddler to parents alike. Similar to Broth Baby, all of their products are made fresh, weekly in small batches and available for direct delivery, as well as delivery through Good Eggs

We were excited to get a copy of their very popular Mini-Meatballs recipe for us to try out, which is great for busy parents looking for a baby-friendly snack that they can enjoy on-the-go as well. 

Stay tuned for the recipe post coming soon! Teaser image seen above :)


Broth Baby Interview with Kim Burns, 

Founder of Flourish Foods

BB: What led you to create Flourish Foods?
KB: I started making my daughters baby food  when she was 6 months old, but when I went back to work full time I quickly realized I was too busy so I started looking into store bought options. The baby food available was older than my daughter was! If I wouldn't eat food, especially meat products, that had been sitting on a shelf for over a year, why should my baby? I knew there had to be a better way. If I was willing to pay for fresh baby food I figured others must be, too. 
BB: Name one joy and one challenge of making baby food.
KB: I love knowing what's going into the food and feeling that it's being made with love! One challenge is that production is time consuming, especially since we want to offer variety. There's a lot of shopping, chopping, prepping, cooking, pureeing, putting it in containers, etc...   
BB: What does a typical day at Flourish Foods look like?
KB: I am truly fortunate to have an amazing team. I send orders to my team the night before production and the kitchen team arrives around 8am to start the prep and cooking for the day. I am lucky to be able to drop my kiddies off to school before going into the kitchen. Before heading in, I will check to see if there are any last minute items needed. Rainbow Grocery is my go to for any quick missing items!
I handle the labeling and packing of the products, oversee production and make sure the deliveries are organized. We aim to have them out the door by 3.30 pm.  Before we finish for the day, inventory is taken and orders are placed for any ingredients needed for the next day.
Meetings with the marketing team usually happen at the kitchen, which is great for capturing images and videos for our social media campaigns. 
BB: Whats your all-time, favorite Flourish flavor combo?
KB: Japanese sweet potatoes with anything! 
BB: What tidbit of parent wisdom would you share with other parents out there?KB: Try, try and try again! Just because your little one doesn't care for a particular food today, doesn't mean they won't like it tomorrow, the next week or the next month. Always keep introducing new foods and keep reintroducing foods you think they don't like. They will usually change their mind!  
BB: What's your favorite way to relax? Any self-care tips to share?
KB: An appointment at the spa whenever I can! Between running a business, running a household and volunteering at my kiddies schools, time is limited. So when I do get "me time", I try to pamper myself as much possible! A facial is my one must-have every 6-8 weeks. It keeps me sane and helps keep my skin from showing the "wear & tear" of long days!
BB: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! 
KB: My pleasure! 

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