Our Team is Growing!

    We are excited to announce the addition of Brad and Sean to the Broth Baby crew! We've grown a lot in the past year and thought it was about time to call in some fresh talent. Read more about them below!


Meet Brad

Role: Operations Boss (aka COO)

Bio: Brad is a Boston native, but "turned Californian" in 2009 and has lived in San Francisco since 2012. He has a deep passion for sustainability that was born out of his background in conservation biology, believing that businesses must sustain the local economy, ecology, and communities in which they operate. Brad sees bone broth (and Broth Baby!) as a central component of that vision and is excited to bring holistic, ancestral nutrition to a broader audience. When he's not slinging broth, Brad is cooking and exploring with his wife, or writing about sustainability on his website, A New Lens



Happiness is....: spending time at his family's secluded cabin on Lake Champlain, Vermont. 


Meet Sean

Role: Broth Boss (aka Kitchen Lead)

Bio: Sean grew up in  Dallas, Texas, and got a BA in Mathematics outside of Austin. Coming to the Bay Area, he ended up going to too many farmer's markets and knew he had to make a change. After enrolling in Laney Culinary Arts Program, he got an apprenticeship at The Local Butcher, a whole animal butcher shop in Berkeley. Working through the ranks, he made it to full-time retail butcher, getting to learn about the local food scene and expand his culinary knowledge. With that under his belt, he is looking forward to being on the Broth Baby team and continuing his work to bring quality local meat products to his bay area neighbors. 



Happiness is....: Spending time with his fiance and new puppy! 

We're excited to move forward with these two great guys on our side. Be sure to say hi if you see them at the farmers market! 


xo Broth Baby 


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