About Us

Good broth is hard to find, so we've created the best tasting, most carefully sourced and crafted broth on the market.

Our broth is perfect for sipping out of your favorite mug, or using as a base for your next meal.  


Meet Cassandra Gates - a nutritionist, avid home cook, and general broth lover. Cassandra discovered bone broth while completing a holistic nutrition degree at Bauman College. After learning about and experiencing bone broth's healing benefits for herself, she decided to start Broth Baby to create greater access to this tasty, health-supportive product. 

When Cassandra is not mothering Broth Baby, she's teaching cooking classes, adventuring in nature, or supporting her passion project, the Holistic Women's Network. Favorite vegetable family: Chicories! 

Meet Adam Fern- a life long food-enthusiast (he hates the word "foodie!") with a passion for business. Raised in a Jewish household in Manhattan, Adam knows good chicken soup when he tastes it. As someone who lives with Crohn's disease, launching a bone broth company was the perfect place to take his business skills out of the office and into the kitchen.

When he's not working on Broth Baby, he's empowering other small businesses through his work at LSQ. Fun fact: Adam once drove 2,000 miles across India in a tuk-tuk to raise money for Cool Earth.


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