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Chefs and companies are catching on to the amazing benefits of bone broth and its ability to make food taste better while adding serious nutrients! Here are some products and people we've been working with:


Diane Davidson, Chef & Owner, Cast Iron Kitchen

Diane, a Paleo private chef, has been a long-time Broth Baby member who uses our broth in many of her delicious recipes. She focuses on cooking seasonal and nutrient-dense meals. 


Kim Burns, Owner, Flourish Foods  

The lovely ladies at Flourish Foods feature our bone broth in their baby food purees and soups for mamas. They serve and deliver fresh-made, high-quality baby food with a focus on organic ingredients. 


We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients available to produce our broth. We believe that it is our responsibility to support other like-minded businesses focused on bringing about positive change.


Marin Sun Farms, Point Reyes, CA

100% of our chickens are sourced from Marin Sun Farms. We love their pasture-centered focus and commitment to sustainable, local family farming. 


Real Salt, Redmond, UT

Most sea salt is evaporated from our current oceans, which are filled with toxins and pollutants. Real Salt is mined sustainably from an ancient sea bed in Utah with no additives, anti-caking agents, or fillers. 


Emerald Cove Kombu, Asheville, NC

Kombu adds trace minerals and a natural "umami" flavor to our broth. Emerald Cove is imported from China where it is sustainably farmed and harvested using traditional practices.   


Oaktown Spice Shop, Oakland, CA

Supporting fellow small business owners is important to us. Buying locally makes us even happier. The lovely folks at Oaktown supply our bay leaves and most of the spices we have in our homes!

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